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IGITABO CYA DIEUDONNE D'AMOUR PART 4:GUKIRA BISHOBOKEA BURI WESE Screen International. Retrieved 30 December Retrieved 28 November Best Foreign Language Film. Retrieved 9 January The Village Voice.


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As he reaches the story's conclusion, he picks up a pillow and smothers her. Georges returns home with bundles of flowers in his hands, which he proceeds to wash and cut.

He picks out a dress from Anne's wardrobe and writes a long letter. He tapes the bedroom door shut and catches a pigeon that has flown in through the window.

In the letter Georges explains that he has released the pigeon. Georges imagines that Anne is washing dishes in the kitchen and, speechless, he gazes at her as she cleans up and prepares to leave the house.

Anne calls for Georges to bring a coat, and he complies, following her out of the door. The film concludes with a continuation of the opening scene, with Eva seated in the living room after wandering around the now empty home.

After 14 years, Jean-Louis Trintignant came back on screen for Haneke. The film is based on a situation that happened in Haneke's family.

Haneke called the collaboration with Jean-Louis Trintignant and the subject of the film the motivation to make the film. The starting point for Haneke's reflections was the suicide of his year-old aunt, who had raised him.

According to Haneke, she was suffering under heavy rheumatism and lived her last years alone in her apartment because she did not want to be placed in a nursing home.

She had even asked Haneke for euthanasia. According to Haneke, the main theme of his script is not old age and death, but "the question of how to deal with the suffering of a loved one".

Haneke dealt with the matter since Haneke normally wrote out the script exactly before the writing process. This time the end of the story was not clear to him.

He began writing in the hope that this would occur to him at work, but this did not happen. Therefore he left the project in favor of another.

He worked only sporadically on it, until his writer's block loosened and he could finish the script quickly. Haneke prefers this way of working, because in this way one "writes specifically something that fits to the advantages of each actor and helps to particularly work them out".

Amour met with widespread acclaim from critics. The website's critical consensus reads: "With towering performances and an unflinching script from Michael Haneke, Amour represents an honest, heartwrenching depiction of deep love and responsibility.

Writing for The Guardian after the Cannes screening, Peter Bradshaw said "this is film-making at the highest pitch of intelligence and insight", naming it the best film of Scott of The New York Times said that "months after its debut at Cannes this film already feels permanent.

Haneke's film, exquisitely photographed by Darius Khondji, has won all sorts of prizes all over the world, and no wonder; the performances alone set it off as a welcoming masterpiece.

Among the few negative reviews, Calum Marsh of the Slant Magazine gave the film 2 out of 4 stars and indicated that the film "isn't the work of a newly moral or humanistic filmmaker, but another ruse by the same unscrupulous showman whose funny games have been beguiling us for years", adding that "Haneke's gaze, trained from an unbridgeable remove, carries no inflection of empathy; his style is too frigid, his investment too remote, for the world of these characters to open up before us, for their pain to ever feel like something more than functional.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zurich Film Festival. Retrieved 30 December British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 23 January The Numbers.

Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 26 January Because we are so aware of these two people — of their facial expressions, their perceived character, their body language — we share all the more keenly in their joint tragedy.

From the beginning, I told myself I had to respect a certain unity of time and location, the unity of classical tragedy. All I know is that my own feelings about Amour, when I calmed down enough to sort them out, were composed in equal parts of the terror and pity that Aristotle thought were the aftermath of tragedy.

To provoke an emotional response is the essence of drama. The Greek tragedy is not funny. I choose topics that irritate or agitate me.

The point is to create a feeling of concern or shock, to be made to feel something more profound than is the case in mainstream cinema.

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Retrieved 11 December Dallas Voice. Archived from the original on 14 June University of KwaZulu-Natal. Hij versiert het kussen waar haar hoofd op ligt met bloemblaadjes, opent het raam en plakt vanaf de buitenkant van de kamer de kieren af.

Er wordt niet getoond wat Georges verder doet of overkomt, maar diverse naar voren gebrachte interpretaties gaan ervan uit dat Georges ook is overleden.

Door het openen van het raam en het afplakken van de kieren roken buren pas een lijklucht toen Georges ook was overleden.

Hierdoor voorkwam hij "gered" te worden. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Films onder regie van Michael Haneke. Verborgen categorie: Wikipedia:Lokale afbeelding gelijk aan Wikidata.

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Haneke met enkele acteurs uit de film, in Cannes Darius Khondji. Nadine Muse Monika Willi. Riva, Emmanuelle Emmanuelle Riva. Huppert, Isabelle Isabelle Huppert.

Best Picture. The Village Voice. Jouillerot, Damien Damien Jouillerot. Total Film. Darius Khondji. Alle Ringe können Sie in Ruhe an unserem Ringpräsenter anprobieren. Übersetzung für "l'amour de l'amour" im Deutsch. Diese Beispiele können umgangssprachliche Wörter, die auf der Grundlage Ihrer Suchergebnis enthalten. Lieb' ist nicht Liebe, dieRabattcode Lottoland der Beste Spielothek in Oythe finden Wechsel wechselvoll, unwandelbar nicht stets im Wandel bliebe. L'amourla langue de l'amour! In unseren praktischen Drehvitrinen können Sie sich schnell einen Überblick über unser breites Champions League Odds verschaffen und Ihren persönlichen Lieblingsschmuck entdecken. Zeig mir, wie sehr du mich magst. Wir arbeiten für schöne Momente. Etwa ein starkes Interesse an Kunst? Aus dem Lied wurde Liebe und aus Liebe wurde das Ei. Ergebnisse: Liebe und sündige Liebe.

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Für die schönen Momente im Leben — Das Motto von amor steht für sorgfältig gefertigten Echtschmuck aus hochwertigen Materialien, für überzeugendes Design und erschwingliche Preise. Liebe getan, für die Liebe meiner Tochter. Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Registrieren Einloggen. Alle Ringe können Sie in Ruhe an unserem Ringpräsenter anprobieren. Bearbeitungszeit: ms.